Meet Schedule

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This is a tentative meet schedule for the next couple of months.

Please note, as our team is scattered across California, there are a few meets on some days. This is to allow for Team Mayham athletes to chose the most convenient meet.

Jan. 15th: 

  >Albuquerque NM Lobo Open 

Jan. 22nd: 

  >California State University, Northridge 

    >California State University, Northridge 

Jan. 29th: 

  >Reno, NV National Pole Vault Summit (PV only) 

Feb. 5th: 

  >UC Berkley 

    >UC Davis 

    >CSU Northridge 

Feb. 12th: 

  >Humboldt State Green and Gold Open 

    >UC Davis 

    >CSU Northridge 

Feb. 19th: 

  >UC Berkley 

    >Reno NV Open @ Livestock center 

Feb. 26th: 

  >Fresno CA Run for the Dream Meet 

    >Turlock, CA- Stanislaus State Open 

March 5th: 

>CSU Northridge 




Turkey Trot Results

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Ooh, I’m gonna feel this one in the morning.

Turkey Trot’s are great! You can find them just about anywhere in the country and you can generally bet that they’re for a simple good cause. The first Turkey Trot I ever participated in was for “Toy’s For Tot’s” definately a worth while cause. The Dana Pointe race was for the local food bank, so what better reason to get out in the fresh air with some good friends on Thanksgiving morning.

Race Report;

  So if you’ve been following the blog you already know that I have been doing absolutely NO endurance training for the last 8 months. My workouts have been built around the idea that I would return to my roots as a 400meter runner. The longest run that I’ve done in months is 800m-1mile warm-up on the treadmill. Like a normal person I could have atleast thrown in a few long runs leading up to the race, but I was curious to see how well the crossfit training would payoff.

   Warm-up- about 400meters up a hill and back with a few strides and quick drills. When I ran cross-country warm-ups were generally a minimum of 2 miles on race day.

Staging – made my way close to the front. Trying to relax and keep things low key, but old habits die hard.

Gun! made my way to the back of the lead pack. Damn these kids are fast! Crap, just realized I’m 17 lbs heavier than i was the last time i ran a 5K!

About 2 1/2 minutes into the race I check my watch expecting that the first mile is almost over. No dice, only 800m in!

1.5 miles-why am I doing this again? Oh yeah good cause. Maybe I should have done a little more running, 200meter repeats don’t count.

2 mile marker- half way. only mile 2 and 3 to go. WAIT! NO, ONLY 1.1! time to negative split, I think I may be able to hit sub 18:00.

3 mile- .1 left to go, start my kick. Not as snappy as it used to be due to my lack of endurance, but few distance runners can hang with my kick and today was no exception.

4th age group, 36 overall 17:45 tagtime(time I crossed the start line to time I finished) 17:49 (Time from the gun, including traffic)

Bib: 8855
Name: Miles Neisser
Gender: M
Age: 34
Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA
Overall: 36 out of 2286
Men: 35 out of 1042
M 30-34:  4 out of 141
Age/Grade: 73.97% Place: 72
Finish: 17:45 Pace: 5:43
Tag Time: 17:45
Gun Time: 17:49

Pictures will be posted soon!

Turkey Trot

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Alright peeps, I’m feeling pretty bummed over the lack of donations for the Turkey  Trot benefiting OC food banks. I’ve posted on every internet venue I posess, and even asked a few buddies to shamelessly whore out their facebook postings to further the cause.

Miles is doing Team Mayham proud by being involved in this!

I have just donated.  Won’t you all do the same?

$1 can feed 3 people. That’s an amazing thing. It’s the little things like this that can make a difference if we all chip in.Your cup of coffee, newspaper, and all the little daily things you throw your money toward all cost more. Donate what you can and help out a great cause!

Let’s do this!!


Dana Point Turkey Trot

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching and the fall weather has made me a little nostalgic for cross country season. Despite my recent lack of endurance training, I’ve decided to run a 5K.

After focusing on Oly lifts and pylometrics this is going to hurt.

Hey it’s for a good cause though! Check out the link below and stay tuned for a race report!

Here’s some options

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Here are a few of the designs I’ve been working on…

And over again…

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Okay, so I posted last night that I thought we’d found a winner for the logo. Wrong! It was brought to my attention that the partial circle ( or “whoosh”) in the design somewhat resembles a mountain bike tire. As I am trying to get a neutral logo that doesn’t favor any one sport or event over another, this will not do.

I thought that this would be an easy fix. A few minutes of sketching and viola! i’d have a masterpiece.



I am getting some cool ideas and I’ve rolled through a couple of designs already but I feel like they aren’t quite what I’m looking for. That and the ideas keep getting cooler so I figure I’ll spend the time and come up with something AMAZING!

I will AGAIN re-post as soon as I find which (I think) will be the one.



Second Draft…

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Here it is. Freshly drawn and scanned. Thoughts?

Team Mayham Athletics